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Naked blokes. That’s it. Nothing else. 


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Meet brothers, John & Richard Cardwell. They are one year apart. John is the older brother on the left & Richard is the younger on the right!

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OMG who are youLet me love you


OMG who are you
Let me love you

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In the Internet were published photos from the exercise of Special Forces Self-Defense Forces of Japan, which were sealed moments of training soldiers to possible torture. So fighters were a number of special detachment of torture, among which was binding and injuring their genitals.

Official representatives of the Self-Defense Forces of Japan declined to comment on the photo with the exercises. it should be noted that judging by the photos fighters voluntarily went on not pleasant procedure of survival training in a release to the captives.

Nice pubic uniform

Usually not into Asian guys but this is pretty hot. They should do this in the US Armed Forces and publish photos. 

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It’s too late for them now. They’re addicted, their asses will never be satisfied. They’ll spend the rest of their lives jumping from one dick to the next in order to get their fix. Lucky bastards.

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